Peter Newman, Frank Newman,
A little about our history


Peter's father Frank Newman, (1927-2017) opened his first dental laboratory in Australia in 1946, he serviced the dentists with a variety of dental appliances from dentures to crown and bridge.

Frank was one of the founding members of the Dental Prosthetist Associaton of NSW, that fought for the establishment of the profession of  Dental Prosthetist in 1979.

In 1982 he opened a new denture clinic in Market St in the CBD and Peter and Silvia assumed the Management of the Laboratory.

Peter Newman
Peter Newman


Peter is a second generation Dental Technician and Dental Prosthetist, he has been a technician for 41 years and a Dental Prosthetist for the past 34 years.

Peter has practiced in the Sydney CBD and also assisted in the establishment of Australia's largest dental laboratory (Pearl Dental Group) where he worked as a Laboratory Manager and National Technical Manager from 2005 to 2013. Peter now brings his expertise to the Hills Districts with the opening of his new clinic in Castle Hill.





Silvia Newman
Silvia Newman


Silvia has been a Dental Technician for 41 years and has also practiced as a Dental Prosthetist. 

Silvia's current role is the administration of Castle Hill Denture Clinic and Newman Dental Laboratory.

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